Studio Time

... A place to listen to my emotions touching my heart, extend through my hand into my paint brush and onto the canvas.

11/29/19  This past Fall my dear friend was turning 70 and she wanted to go to Italy!  I love Italy and was very happy to organize a trip.  I love Italy for the culture of friendly people, the incredible skies and color that shifts from red to orange to yellow.  And the sky has a brilliant blue.  Marked with rolling hills, vineyards and olive trees, the Tuscany valley reminds me of Sonoma County in California where I lived as a kiddo.  I was fortunate enough on this trip to spend time in Florence at the 'The Florence Studio' and sit with Tom Byrnes at his villa in what used to be a convent then art compound.  These paintings in progress were inspired from my time in italy.  

I have been working on a series inspired by my summer near the oceans in Hawaii and along the coast of Oregon, California and my emotional waves. 

June 18, 2019

May was a big month for me.  My first show required preparation I never new required.  So my painting time decreased.  The show was very fun overall. 

Last month, I started on a bridge with the sunset over the Arno river.  I began working on it again a couple weeks ago.  After a month of adding layers of color, I am now calling it finished.  I really like how the cold wax and oil came together.  The smooth paint against the textured allowed me to bring the light forth as dramatic as what I felt while taking this picture last summer in Florence.  

I spent a couple days on Vashon Island with a good friend.  I started on a watercolor.  I found another turtle my friend Sara photographed near the Mala pier on Maui.  She called it her Rainbow turtle.  I experimented with the background of this particular turtle to try and capture more deliberately the light effect.  

Turtle #5 in progress
Sunset over the Arno
Sunset over the Arno in Progress
Sunset over the Arno (Making progress)
Cold Wax Pallette

May 16, 2019

This past couple weeks I have worked on a couple pieces.  One is a watercolor of one of the many turtles my friend Sara Ferguson took along the Maui west coastline.  I imagine I will continue to paint these gentle giants for awhile.  I find the colors and process calming.  I love how the color leads me as the water flows uniquely to the piece.  

I am also working on another cold wax and oil piece.  I continue to love this medium.  I am learning more about the opportunity to build upon the previous layer to create beautiful colors over the textures painted the day before.  This piece is a sunset Vince, Olivia, my daughter and I were blessed with one evening in Florence, Italy.  As I paint, I can feel the heat, smells and amazingly beautiful sky against the Arno river as the sun kissed the horizon.

Studio cold wax palette
Sunset in Cold Wax and Oils in progress.
Sunset in coldwax and oils
Sunset finishing touches
Palette colors
Winter in Cold Wax and Oils

April 28, 2019

The last couple of weeks in the studio has been learning how to use cold wax and oils on birch wood.  The buttery nature of the cold wax when mixed in oils creates a beautiful cool whip like paint.   When it is applied on the wood using my palette knives first to block in my colors it brought back memories of finger painting as a child.  After blocking in my colors I used various small brushes to create the movement in the textures.  My focus has been on sunrises and sunsets lately.  As I celebrated my retirement this month, I am mindful that I am experiencing a sunset on one career and a sunrise on another.